Explore San Antonio property from top to bottom at the Natural Bridge Caverns. Setting up for adventure, Mother Nature impresses from her glorious shady treetops to luminous yet shadow filled underground caverns. Scientists are in their element with botany, biology, geology and archaeology setting the scene all around.

Adventurers soar from the skies as they traverse elevated obstacle courses. High above the treetops the Canopy Explorer features an exhilarating zip line and awe inspiring balance course. Guests challenge their bravery and skill as they conquer fear of heights by digging deep and playing hard. Over forty obstacles thwart laziness including the Crisscross Tight Ropes and Burma Buckets. While up in the air nature lovers spot favorite species of birds and other wildlife as well as local flora and fauna. Children living in San Antonio homes get in on the action too with the Canopy Kids Course. Designed just for them, littles as young as toddlers have their own place to balance, jump, and triumph.

The Light Shines Brightly on San Antonio Homes

On the ground level the whole family can conquer the Amazen Ranch Maze together. A time honored recreational platform, mazes intrigue one and all. Twists and turns can cause confusion and a sense of disconnect. Towers and bridges help the lost gain perspective. And, it’s often fun for participants to keep track of time and see how fast they find the exit.

Underground exploration is the name of the game. In the 1960’s two energetic college kids discovered the Natural Bridge Caverns. Since then generations have toured the area enjoying the sights and soaking up knowledge of the geological wonders they observe. The Discovery Tour takes sightseers almost 200 feet under the ground. Here magnificent flowstones, stalagmites, stalactites, and ancient formations are awe inspiring. Take a peek at the Discovery Tour here. Hidden Passage tours take the exploration further with some of the most stunning geological structures along the route. Delve in deep during the Lantern Tour. Held only once a day at 9 a.m. this morning tour shines a light deep into the shadows of the earth.